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An amazing experience

Maxwell, 29.

I have been living in Mirafiori for 1.5 years now and I absolutely love the atmosphere in this area. Unlike the center, Mirafiori is a quiet and peaceful place where students can focus on their studies. This quarter has everything you need (gym, supermarket, post office etc.) and it is a convenient place to live at. When I first arrived, the owner of my apartment and Tecla were extremely welcoming and made me feel like I was at home. I quickly became friends with my roommates and built a friendly relationship with us. The apartment was fully furniture and whenever there was a problem, the owners would fix it right away. Although the location of the apartment is forty-five minutes away from town, it does not affect my experience here in Turin significantly since the transportation here is convenient. Allogiami has been an amazing experience for me as I had the chance to meet people from other countries and learn other cultures. If I had the chance to choose again, I would definitely come back and stay here again!

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A place that puts students’ needs first

Varun, 26.

I never planned to stay in this area when I first arrived in Italy, but after a year, here I am! I decided to move to Mirafiori under the Alloggiami program because of many reasons. First, they do not require deposit unlike other apartments, which makes it a lot easier for students. Also, Alloggiami is an amazing way to meet students from all around the world. Although Mirafiori is out of the city it still feels connected and transportation is very convenient here. The bus from the center runs until 1:30 am, which makes attending events and festivals possible. The friendly environment Tecla has created in this area has made I stay a lot more comfortable and I’m glad to call this place a home away from home!

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I was part of the Alloggiami project in 2012/2013 and it was an amazing experience! All the support provided by Tecla and the Allogiami group was essential for students like me, having the first exchange experience.
All the facilities (places to cook, play games and meet other students and people from the neighbourhood), the services (the offered courses, like the
italian language course, guided visits, external activities and practical cooking lessons), the good relation among all the people envolved (owners, housemates and neighbours) made my period abroad an unique experience!! Living in Mirafiori was very good. A calm place to study, with a lot of green and with all the services provided, like pharmacy, markets and gym with good prices for students, restaurants and connected with the public transport service. And you could also meet the squirrels during a walk through the neighbourhood!

I enjoyed every minute of my Allogiami experience, Tecla and the Allogiami group were always ready and disposed to help us with anything! They become part of my family and I will always carry this experience inside my heart! On my next abroad experience I hope to have the same special moments I had during the Alloggiami project!! Sinto saudades!

Cezar Augusto


I was just searching for accommodation to leave in Turin before coming here. There were so many offered places. But it was very difficult for me to decide which one was better for me. I was hesitating . Because it is my first time that, I was planning to go abroad, to a foreign country. Then I contacted with Tecla and I decided to live here. After coming here, I did not regret. Because everything was perfect. I can just say that Alloggiami is really more than a housing company. Alloggiami is a big family. Now I have friends from all over the world. I am leaving for Azerbaijan after 2 weeks. But I hope we will meet again. And our friendship with alloggiami students and staff will continue forever. Thank you all for being part of my life.

Mehman Baghishzada


First of all, the most important thing is to say thank you to Tecla and to alloggiami. You cannot imagine how wonderful alloggiami is! Alloggiami provides us even everything we want, not only a room. This is the first time I go abroad. In Torino, it is not easy to meet someone that can speak English very well. but I'm lucky, friends help me to meet Tecla, who can speak English and is a very very good people.
I’m sorry for my poor English. I don’t know how to describe what 
alloggiami can give you in detail. But I have some examples. Like alloggiami, help us to form a team. We played several tournaments here. We 5 players come from 4 continents. Italian, Azerbaijani, Brazilian, Moroccan and Chinese. Another example, last week I, unfortunately, meet a traffic accident, it is horrible for a foreigner that cannot speak the native language. But every time when I have difficulties or problems, Tecla let me calm down and help me to solve it. Now my body gets well.
Alloggiami gives me the beautiful life in Torino. Nice city, good people, tremendous friends! Thanks.

Cao Chen


When I decided to go to Torino as an Erasmus student I started looking for accommodation in Mirafiori and I found Allogiami. Already at the beginning, I got the feeling that there is somebody caring about what I will need when I make my first experience in a foreign country. Tecla helped me through all formalities until the day I arrived in Torino. Even on my arrival at the airport, they helped me through to arrive at the apartment I was going to live for the next months. I was provided with a nice and clean accommodation where I met wonderful friends. Tecla and everyone at Allogiami took care of us, students as if we were a part of the family. They organized parties to meet other students and I we were always able to ask for help for what ever we needed. I would like to thank them here one more time for their kindness, help and for making me and my family feel that I was in save hands, I absolutely recommend alloggiami, you will be in safe hands!


I have a long association with alloggiami services including housing. i have stayed in an apartment located in via Roveda 24/A, Torino 10135 for a year (2013-14). All facilities and services provided by alloggiami were beyond expectation and belief. We never had a feeling of living away from our family member. Tecla is a very nice, noble, honest, sincere, hard working lady and works with full devotion. She never takes her work as a job rather take it as if it is for her. You can believe and have faith in Tecla, in the same way as you have with your dearest friend or relative. I wish a great success to alloggiami project under the services of Tecla.

Raj Kumar Singh

Ranchi, India

I just moved into a room in a nice apartment supplied by Alloggiami Mirafiori project. It was a bit difficult for me to get a room in Torino, partly due to language barrier to communicate with house owners. But after starting to contact Tecla, it gets much easier and I got the room so quickly. I feel like at home now.
Thank you Tecla, Thank you Project Alloggiami Mirafiori.

Daniel Woldemariam

so… the first thing you need to know… is that Alloggiami is a gooooood and very supportive way to start your student life in Torino… it brings you opportunities you won't get else where… I could even borrow a bike to go to school every day… it may sound clashy or even unrealistic.. but.. really… for me, it was a home away from home… thank you, Tecla and the rest of ALLOGGIAMI Mirafiori Student Housing… it was a wonderful experience I will carry on for the rest of my life…

Thais Druivendal


I have stayed in an apartment provided by the alloggiami project. They use to provide all support and services right from the day 1 when you land in Torino, Italy to the last day when you leave for your country, making your stay comfortable and unforgettable. They even helped me getting admission of my son in the Italian school. Regarding Tecla and her family whatever I say will not be sufficient to describe their love and support… was all above imagination. They stood with me providing strength during the hard days when my son was hospitalized for several days. I strongly recommend everyone visiting Torino for the long duration to live with alloggiami services.

Mamta Singh

Jamshedpur, India

I spent 6 months in Turin, so WHAT I GAINED IN ITALY???

– This is the country of TASTE

– Made in Italy is really a benchmark!
– Food? It feels that fruits and vegetables have been grown under the Vivaldi’s 4 seasons composition, and the meat processing was done by jewelers!!!

– Now I understand why Italians like so much Pasta, because, finally, I know how to cook it PROPERLY :)))

– Torino, the place where you can relax from overcrowded cities

– ROMA – a museum under the blue and sunny sky

– When you speak Italian, you sing… that’s why it’s so beautiful!

– Italians like to talk!! They adore conversations :)))

– You can find the most various human characters in 1 Italian!

– Italian girls are very charming and very complicated, but if you try hard you can find the way to their hearts wink😉

– Italian bureaucracy is amazing, you won’t get bored with public institutions smile emoticon
mille Italia per Ricordi incredibili smile emoticon

Narek Gharibyan

 I’ve lived in No 5 14 E, Via Roveda for last 6 months. Alloggiami association has given great experience in my life which I would never forget in mine.
I’ve got many International friends just because I stayed here. I loved the parties which were arranged. The amount of help and support from Ms.Tecla was always overwhelming.
I’ve got the best roommates and our house owner is a wonderful woman and she treats us like her own sons. she’s one of the awesome house owners one can get.
Overall staying at alloggiami is an awesome experience one could get and sadly I’ll miss all my friends here.

Amirtha Kulasekaran


I am a Masters student at the Politecnico from India. I had the great opportunity to be a part of the Allogiami association. I really enjoyed the stay (7 months) and I had the great opportunity to meet students from various countries. Ms. Tecla and my landlord Ms. Silvana was so nice and pleasing. Association members are very friendly and nice. They don’t charge students with security deposit and extra bills, whereas I faced many issues with the previous landlord (contract, deposit, gas, electricity, replacement charges…). I strongly recommend students to stay with the association


I am a student of Politecnico di Torino and I come from China.I find a quite suitable place to live in with the help of Tecla.
I live in this area for about one year, the house is quite good and people around are very nice. There are many parks and facility for exercising. This area is quiet
, clean and safe.There is a study room for the students. What’s more, you are invited to many parties to have fun.
My landlords are very nice
, they helped us when we met some problem in the house and they also prepared presents for us when Christmas.Anyway, it is a perfect place for living and studying.
Alloggiami, your best choice.

Yaxue Du

Henan, China

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