Project AlloggiAMI is a not for profit initiative under Associazione Aris run by Tecla Zaia, involved in welcoming students, PhDs, interns, etc. in the quarter of Mirafiori Sud in Turin. Since its inception in 2012, we have welcomed 1000+ students from 51 different countries.

The project offers accommodation near to university sites: 
Hospital St. Luigi Gonzaga (Orbassano), UniTO Nursing Home (Beinasco), Material Science Institute, Faculty of Economy and the Politecnico Di Torino - Mirafiori for Design and Automotive Engineering (Settembrini Campus)

Apart from the aforementioned sites, we have students who go to Politecnico Di Torino Main Campus, University of Turin (UniTO) Main Campus and UNICRI (ILO). Most of these sites are accessible through tram 4/10 and bus 63, 63/, 18, 34.

We assure you a comfortable stay in the green and serene quarter of Mirafiori Sud, with a welcoming community that needs you.

Who we are

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Our Mission

  • To change the collective consciousness about the empty and older neighbourhood

  • Offer Mirafiori inhabitants the possibility to have their income accommodating students in their houses

  • To offer foreign students, visiting professors, and interns the possibility to find accommodation at a low price

  • To promote a cultural mix in the neighbourhood

Tecla Zaia


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Vice President | Co-Founder


What we offer

Boris Manzi, Rwanda | Student



This has been just like a family. They give extra help to students. There is also a very comfortable study room. And the rent is one of the cheapest in the city. Bravo!

Samuel Eriksson, Sweden | CUS Exchange

Simply the best student housing organisation out there! The organisation is run by amazing people who will go to great lengths to make sure everyone is well taken care of. Umeå Wrestling Team (Umeå Brottning) says big thank you to Sanjay and Tecla, we will miss you guys! Grazie!

Luca, Italy | Student

Cozy and familiar environment. Excellent integration opportunity for foreign students and meeting different cultures for Italian students. Comfortable study room that also offers other interesting side activities. It is a great resource for the Mirafiori south district and is also directly connected to the center of Turin by bus 63


CF: 97746850011 PI: 11997990012

Office: (+39) 011 0370723
Mob: (+39) 3662867945


Via Celeste Negarville, 8/48 bis, Torino (TO) - Italia.

Office Timings

Monday- Friday: 10:00 - 12:30; 13:30 - 19:00 

*Meeting with appointments only



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