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The apartments involved in this project are located in the area between Corso Unione Sovietica, Via Anselmetti, Strada del Drosso, and Via Plava. A single or double room is provided in a shared apartment with other students. The apartments are fully furnished with Internet access.
Long stay contracts are registered at Agenzia delle Entrate.

As a non-profit, there will be an association fee of 100€ (annual) apart from the rent (which is paid directly to the owner every month).

The association fee of 100€ will include all this plus access to our study space, participation in virtual and physical events, Italian lessons, first contract registration fee, and many more. We appreciate every contribution as it's because of you all, we are pushing ourselves forward.


Long Stay Rent (3-12 Months)
The rent for shared rooms:
230-250€/ month* all-inclusive of expenses (electricity, water, gas, spent, heating and wifi)

The rent for single rooms:
300-350€/ month* all-inclusive of expenses
(electricity, water, gas, spent, heating and wifi)
*Some of our apartments require one month deposit (rent only)
Update (2022-2023): Due to an increase in the utility charges, owners reserve the right to increase the total amount of rent and expenses by a reasonable amount which Alloggiami will assess to ensure it remains as low as possible.

Short-stay rooms are provided from 5-29 days for students who are new to the city, apartment seekers, EDISU students who are on the waitlist, and many more. Prices are per night and advance payment (not refundable) has to be made to reserve your place.

Students wouldn't have to pay tourist tax if they could demonstrate their university status. Else an amount of 2,30€/ day will be added (Max 7 days).

You will be having a private single room or a double room in a shared apartment with other double/ single rooms with a max of 6 students.

Short Stay Rates (5-29 Days) | July - October Every Year
Shared Rooms: 15€/night+ 22% IVA 
Single Rooms: 20€/night+ 22% IVA 

Replies within 12-24 hours

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