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  • What is the minimum and maximum contract duration?
    The contract period can be requested from 3 months upto 12 months. We'd be happy to renew your contract for the next year as well. Most often, August and September during the holidays our students prefer to go back home and hold the apartment for the next academic year. We mostly prefer semester or annual periods just like your course duration unless, it's for Erasmus or a volunteering exchange in which case we can modify the contractual duration based on your needs.
  • Is there a deposit for the apartments?
    Mostly no, but there are some apartments were the owners request for a refundable 1 month rent (not the expenses and utilities) which at the end is subjected to change based on how the apartment is left when you check out. The owner will do the necessary visual inspection before handing over the deposit. We can only intervene if there's a disparity between the parties.
  • Do I have to pay to be an associate of Alloggiami and avail your services?
    As a non-profit, there will be an association fee of 100€ annual apart from the rent which is paid directly to the owner every month. The fee can be paid in cash or through online payment services. The association fee of 100€ will include access to our study space, participation to virtual and physical events, Italian lessons, first contract registration fee, and many more. We appreciate every contribution as it's because of you all that we are pushing ourselves forward. Note: Paid irrespective of leaving the project and coming back again the same year
  • Can I get a residenza or carta d'identità with this contract?
    No, you can't. It's mainly because of the type of contract that we use for registering the contracts and the taxation system that changes if one were to get the residenza. Think of it as having an apartment under your name which fiscally and bureaucratically change the family structure of the actual owner of the apartment. If a student requests for residenza without the knowledge of the owner of the apartment, the owner can file a complaint at the court of Turin along with immediate termination of the on-going contract. This is yet another reason why it makes it difficult for us to accomodate foreign workers (Non-EU), as they usually need a residenza and a long stay contract. For those who need residenza for opening bank accounts here in Italy during your stay, we wouldn't encourage you for a long stay as our contract prohibits it. Moreover residenza or carta d'identita is not a document like the green card or a permanent residency card like in the other countries. For foreigners, the benefits that they can exercise with carta d'identità are extremely limited.
  • Can I leave the apartment in the middle of the contractual period?
    There's usually 1 month of notice period but If you know that you are leaving before or at least have a plan, kindly let us and the owners know in advance especially before signing the contract. We appreciate your integrity as it helps us to better propose you with the right apartment based on your requested period.
  • Are the contracts registered at the Agenzia delle entrate?
    Yes, the contracts are registered at the Agenzia delle entrate.
  • Does all-inclusive rent and expenses mean will there be any other additional expenses later?
    The rent and expenses are mentioned on our apartments page. As the rent and expenses are fixed, in the last years we have seen some tenants who happened to cook or shower for hours. This is a violation of the trust that we and the owners put in you for using the resources at home effectively. We just request you to turn off if they are not in use, whether it be heating, water, gas or electricity. If the owner of the apartment were to notify about student's excess use of resources, we'll have to intervene for resolving the situation.
  • The apartments that you manage belong to you?
    No, as a non-profit we only manage the apartments and the tenancy based on the mission of our project. We hope to have some association managed apartments in the future.
  • Private or shared bathrooms? How about the kitchen? Is there a cleaner?
    All the apartments that we manage have only shared bathrooms and kitchens. Mostly they are cleaned by the students residing in the apartment by planning a weekly cleaning schedule. If you have difficulties cleaning, the tenants residing can request for a cleaner to the owner of the apartment at the tenants' combined contribution.
  • Google maps show that your housing is far from the city centre, do you have other apartments in the centre or near the universities?
    Unfortunately no. As a social project we are only active in Mirafiori Sud. We are slowly expanding our apartment network across Mirafiori Sud and we'd love to collaborate with owners in Mirafiori Sud who wish to be a part of our mission by bringing in their apartments into our project.
  • How long does it take to reach my university?
    The time taken to reach is based on the traffic and the demand for the public transportation during the peak hours. Politecnico di Torino (Corso Duca or Lingotto) ~8 kms: 35-40 minutes by tram or bus with traffic and 20-25 mins ideally without traffic. Politecnico di Torino (Mirafiori) ~2.7 kms: 7-10 minutes by bus with or without the traffic. San Luigi Gonzaga University Hospital ~ 6.2 kms: 25-35 minutes by bus with or without traffic. University of Turin ~11 kms: 55 minutes by bus or tram with traffic. Ideally 25-30 minutes without traffic. ITCILO ~6.1 kms: 30-35 minutes by bus. Ideally 15-20 minutes without traffic. INRIM ~3.3 kms: 10-15 minutes by bus. Ideally 7 minutes without traffic. Scuola di Management ed Economia ~5.5 kms: 25-30 minutes with traffic. Ideally 15 minutes without traffic.
  • I wish to stay with other students from my country, is it possible?
    We try to mix students from other nationalities as its one of our core objectivities whilst promoting a multicultural identity. We definitely try to procees your request of staying together with your friends but its subjected to vary depending on the availibity of the beds. Moreover most of our apartments are within 10 mins distance by walk.
  • Can I host my friend or partner to stay with me in the apartment?
    Yes, you can for few days but we suggest you to check with the owner of your apartment and the officials at Alloggiami to process your request. Sometimes, you may have to fill a form to request for an extension for your friend or partner if they were to stay longer. All this, provided the rest of the tenants in the apartment agree to the conditions.
  • Is there a washing machine in the apartment? Do I have to bring any utensils or bed spreads from home?
    Yes, all the apartments have a washing machine. We suggest you to use it conservatively as opposed to a daily use as it would contribute to an increased overall expense which needs to be split between the tenants later. For the utensils and silverware, most of the apartments have the necessary ones which should suffice the tenants and most often they are kept at your disposal. If you wish to get something specific for your use during your stay, you are always welcome. We'll also help you to connect with the existing tenants so that you have an idea of what and what not to get. As for the bedspreads, usually the owner gives you a set but we'd suggest you to bring your own for the duration of your stay.
  • Are there any stores or points of interest nearby?
    Yes, we do have sufficient points of interest near to our office and many more as showed in the list. This list is continuously updated. Feel free to refer to this English & Italian Survival Guide even.
  • What activities and services do you provide for students?
    Assisting alloggiami students with contract preparation and registration Assisting students with bureaucratic language mediation Welcome party: It's almost our ritual which we conduct every year to meet our students in the study space. Ethnic wear, dinners, dance, cultural discusssions and many more. Cultural events and festivals Trips to mountains and other touristic and non touristic spots (weekly or monthly) Movie Nights Monthly Birthday Celebrations Musical choir of the neighbourhood Tandem Exchange: Informal language exchange with drinks and snacks Meditation/ Yoga Italian course: This course is not certified but we help students with beginners and intermediate courses which can prepare you for real life situations and your university language certification. Open library: Our own library of the neighbourhood. Feel free to browse and borrow them. We also assist students to guardia medica (emergency medic) when they are in need. Note: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended most of our activites, while some of them are conducted remotely through various web conferencing apps. You can follow us on facebook or Instagram to know more about our events.
  • How do I reach you?
    You can refer to this file with activated links to know more about the various ways of reaching us.
  • What am I supposed to know before departing from my home country?
    These are some of the COVID related FAQs that can help you before departing from your own country. 1. Milan Malpensa Airport COVID FAQ 2. Torino Airport COVID FAQ 3. Torino COVID-19 Test Centre 24 HRS SARS COV-2 4. Rome Airport 5. Bergamo Airport 6. Norms for travellers during COVID-19 Click this link if you confused about the global COVID norms and travel bans.
  • Will I need a Green Certificate before moving in?
    Green certificate will be needed before moving into the apartments. The COVID-19 Green Certificate makes it easier to travel to Italy and other countries of the European Union and to the countries of the Schengen area. To enter Italy with the COVID-19 Green Certificate, travelers must meet one of the following conditions, as shown in the Certificate: -have completed the prescribed anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination cycle for at least 14 days -or have recovered from COVID-19 -or have taken a molecular or antigen swab test within 48 hours prior to entering Italy with negative results." - Ministry of Health
  • How do I borrow a book from you library?
    You can refer to this guide in order to borrow a book from our community library.
  • Where can I find the study room of Associazione Aris?
    You can find us here. In fact it's our office / studyroom / co-working / community library space. Via Celeste Negarville, 8/48Bis, Torino, 10135 Also, we are collaborating with EDISU, Politecnico di Torino, University of Turin and Città di Torino for a project that involves collaboration with 17 other indoor and outdoor sites comprising more than 2300 seats, furnished with Wi-Fi, water dispensers and many more based on every students' study needs. We are looking forward to seeing you at our study centre. For bookings click here. You can read about the Campus Diffuso Project here.
  • Could you suggest any flight booking websites?
    You can try Kiwi, Google flights or Skyscanner for good deals.
  • How much do I have to pay for Turin public transportaion (GTT) ?
    You can check this website to know the GTT fares in English.
  • Could you suggest some train, bus or taxi booking apps or websites?
    Train: Omio, Trenitalia Bus: Flixbus, Sadem, Omio Taxi: Wetaxi, Freenow How to reach: Torino to other Airports
  • Could you suggest any other apps to navigate in the city other than google maps?
    Navigation: Moovit, Moversiatorino, Urbi More Info: Transportation in Turin
  • Car, bike and scooter sharing in Turin?
    Car Sharing & Pooling Electric Scooter Sharing Bike Sharing
  • I would like to know parking facilities near Turin and Milan airport?
    Milan Malpensa: Parcheggio Lunga Sosta Malpensa Milano Linate: Parcheggio Economico Linate
  • Could you suggest any money exchange in Turin?
    Money Exchange: You can send them an email or visit their centre to get your money converted.
  • Could you suggest me some emergency medics and pharmacies in Turin?
    Emergency Medics: You can find the one nearest to you and consult with them based on their opening hours. Usually they are general practicitioner who can later direct you to a specialist if needed. Pharmacies
  • I would like to volunteer for your project, how do I apply?
    You can send us an email. We'll reach back to you within a day.
  • I have an idea and I would like to work on it, would you be able to help me?
    You can send us an email. We'll reach back to you within a day.
  • I am an owner and I would like to know how to be a part of your project?
    You can send us an email. We'll reach back to you within a day.
  • We are a for-profit entity and we would like to collaborate with you
    You can send us an email. We'll reach back to you within a day.
  • We are a non-profit entity and we would like to collaborate with you
    You can send us an email. We'll reach back to you within a day.
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