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Alloggiami Mirafiori Student Housing is a non-profit under Associazione Aris run by Tecla Zaia, involved in welcoming students, PhDs, Interns, transfer employees etc. in the quarter of Mirafiori Sud, Turin.

Our Mission

  • To change the collective consciousness about the empty and older neighborhood.

  • Offer Mirafiori inhabitants the possibility to have their income accommodating students in their houses.

  • To offer foreign students, visiting professors, and interns the possibility to find accommodation at a low price.

  • To promote a cultural mix in the neighborhood.

The objective of the association is to regenerate the neighborhood of 

Mirafiori Sud, Turin by building sustainable and inclusive multicultural

communities through social housing, running socio-cultural activities, collaborating and launching initiatives with other stakeholders that provide access to safe and inclusive public spaces, and supporting positive economic, social, and environmental links between urban areas and thereby strengthening local development planning.

Associazione Aris abides by United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.


Click here to download our nearest attractions and an overview of a quick Italian and English survival guide.

Since the inception of Alloggiami, we have welcomed 1000+ students from 53 different countries

Activities, parties, and events are organized to promote the meeting of the students and the community. Often we meet students in our Co-working space which is a meeting point for dancing, playing board games, co-working, having a drink with friends, or meeting new ones.

We also offer a study room (with Wi-Fi) and a library with more than 2000 books that have been newly built-in in 2015. It provides a quiet and spacious area for students to study and collaborate with others.

Mirafiori is a green, calm, and safe quarter where you can concentrate well and introduce yourself to a welcoming community.

We are collaborating with 10+ apartments for the next academic year. Contact us for more information, pictures of the rooms and details on finding the accommodation that will suit your needs.


Replies within 12-24 hours

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